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Welcome to Vonex

Since acquiring MyNetFone Residential, our team have been working to ensure our systems can make your customer experience as seamless as possible through this transitional period. Hopefully the only thing you have noticed is all of our email notifications, which we intend to keep to a minimum!

What does this mean for me?

Brand Change

Effective from Thursday the 16th of September 2021, all correspondence that you receive in relation to MyNetFone Residential will be Vonex branded or redirected. This includes email notifications, forms, billing and 1300 numbers, and access to your customer portal and websites.

Please don't be alarmed by these changes. You can keep calling the same 1300 numbers, log in to your portal using the same credentials and continue paying the same way.

New Features

Once  your services  have  been migrated across to  Vonex, you can expect a significant number of  new  features.

Phone, internet, and mobility options with Vonex are more extensive than ever before.

To find out more, please book an appointment at this link.

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Reduced Wait Times

The average tenure of our customer service team is between 3 - 5 years. This tenure and knowledge means that queries and issues are managed and resolved quickly and accurately.

We have already reduced the average customer wait times to under two minutes and have trained the 55 team members who joined our team from MyNetFone

on our systems.

Where to from here?

Below are some resources you might find helpful to have at your fingertips;

Follow the links to access your account portal, learn more about Vonex on our website, and explore our knowledge base which is a great resource where

we have built out some FAQ's.

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