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Vonex Virtual Fax

Vonex Virtual Fax allows you to send faxes via a portal and receive faxes via email

Faxes sent to your assigned fax number are delivered straight to your e-mail inbox as PDF documents - accessible from your PC or Mobile device such as an iPad or Smartphone

You can also see inbound faxes within the portal, post-migration you can access the Vonex Virtual Fax portal using the following link: 

Once you have logged in Select Fax Server from the Apps menu

You will see the list of your fax servers

To send a fax select New from the Tools section.

Enter the destination fax number in the Fax Number field

Upload a PDF or TIF file that you wish to send 

You can also add to the optional fields of the cover letter

Sent Faxes can be accessed by selecting Sent from the Tools section

Choose files or drag and drop files
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