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What is happening

As part of the onboarding to Vonex, customers will be upgraded onto Vonex systems over the next 6-8 months. 

These systems include the Vonex PBX, SIP Trunk, Virtual Fax, NBN and mobiles.    

Why we are migrating

Due to the sale agreement with MyNetFone, Vonex is under a contractual obligation to migrate all customers and their services from  MyNetFone's  legacy system to Vonex’s network by 30th  June 2022. MNF  will be decommissioning  MyNetFone  legacy systems/Infrastructure by 30th  August 2022.   

How Vonex will ensure that there will be minimal disruptions

We aim to have minimal business interruption and downtime for all our customers across all migrations.   

Vonex collects and replicates all current account information including call flow, DID assignment, extension numbers/details, extension passwords, voicemails, hunt groups, etc from  MyNetFone's  legacy MVP01 Instance to a Vonex Hosted PBX to ensure your existing setup remains the same.   

Vonex prides itself on delivering 99.999% uptime on voice products and is proud of delivering on its brand promise of being ‘always on’.  

Benefits to Customers

Customers will gain access to a rich selection of new features on the Vonex platform, including all the ONdesk capabilities;  call parking, softphone capability,  auto-attendant, voicemail to email and much more!   

In addition, you gain access to all the other products available for purchase through  Vonex,   along with the ability to earn Qantas Business Rewards points on eligible  QBR  Vonex plans. 

Migration Hotline Number  –  02  7229  7900
Migration  Support  Email  - 

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