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SIP Trunks

Vonex has recently acquired MyNetFone Business. As a result of this acquisition, we will be migrating your SIP Trunk services from the old MyNetFone system to the Vonex SIP system.

We have taken great care to clone your existing SIP Trunk settings to ensure there will be no loss of functionality as you move across to the Vonex environment. The MyNetFone technology which your phone system currently operates on has not been updated for some time, and we are aware of issues that some customers are now facing.

With the Vonex SIP trunks, we have migrated existing WAN IPs for outbound calling. If you need to whitelist additional WAN IPs, please let our migration team know.

For a smooth transition from your Legacy MyNetFone SIP trunk to the Vonex SIP trunk, we would recommend that you set up the Vonex trunk as a secondary trunk on the onsite PBX. This will allow you to test outbound calls on your new Vonex SIP trunk while maintaining your existing legacy trunk. 

Technical details:

SIP proxy -

SIP port – 5060

Transport protocol – UDP or TCP

RTP ports – 10,500 to 65000

Customer onsite ACL – please allow all ingress/egress traffic from

Once you have connected to the Vonex SIP server you will be able to make outbound calls immediately however you will need to contact our migration team via either email or contacting our SIP migration hotline on 0730885498 and our staff will be able to repoint your incoming numbers to the new trunk.

Once all the Inbound DIDs are routed via your Vonex trunk, the migration team will proceed to close the legacy MyNetFone account and set up the billing platform. 

You will be provided with a Vonex retail account number at the completion of the migration, this process is considered an internal systems migration of billing and provisioning platforms; all plan charges, contracts and services will remain the same.

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